Saturday, 14 April 2018

Time to hit the gym....

Now that I know what my job will be this summer, I have decided to join the YMCA again.

I will be getting a student membership tomorrow and I will be working out there and running. I also intend on swimming again. Wow, do i ever miss swimming. I follow Rich Roll on Instagram and every time he posts that he is at the pool, i overwhelmingly miss swimming.

Make no mistake, i am a terrible swimmer. I can't even do a flip turn. But i loved doing laps.


Because it was hard. Because it was really hard. Because I was forced to focus on exactly what i was doing right then, or... i would drown...

Today I will go for a long run... 8km? 10km? 14km? no idea.... til i get out there... I then have to work on my Marketing paper...

Now that I know what I am doing this summer, I will be better prepared to schedule for my kids. I want to be in incredible shape this summer.

Today is a bit of a sick day for me so I am currently curled up with my "Finding Ultra" book by Rich Roll. I had ordered the updated version from eBay, but was sent the old version. The seller conceeded that they sent the wrong book and just let us keep it, instead of having us return it.

The book far exceeds my expectations. But i am still looking forward to reading the updated version.

John is framing up windows now, and I have washed and hung the curtains.

I love Spring Cleaning!

Three things I am thankful for: Pinterest to store recipes and ideas, Instagram to store my favourite photos, and Strava to store my runs.

Peace, Plants, Namaste....

Friday, 13 April 2018

I crave meditation...

I have been meditating for more than 14 years. It gets easier to do the more often you do it, and I crave it now. Sometimes I'll even meditate twice a day.

There is an app that I use called "Insight Timer", and it offers various ways to use it to meditate. I prefer the guided meditations. Interestingly, I prefer a guided meditation with someone speaking in an Australian accent. 

I got out for a run yesterday and I worked on breathing in and out in 3's. Usually, I breathe in twice and out once... this does not help my lung capacity. 

Thankfully the weather is getting nicer and running is becoming more enjoyable. Both John and I received some amazingly good news yesterday and this summer is going to be the best yet!

Three things I am thankful for: school is finally ending, I scored some fantastic finds at the Spring Fling today, and I minimised my purse down to the bare essentials. 

Peace, Plants, and Simplicity!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

New Treadmill! New Running Schedule!

Glory Be!

There is now a treadmill here in our porch, and it is the most beautiful treadmill ever made.

I am hoping that my back pain is a long gone situation and I will be able to hit some longer runs.
The Cabot Trail Relay is coming up and I want to be in the best shape possible in the next 6 weeks.

A two week schedule has been drafted for my running and then I start my new job. Once I have a schedule from my new job, I can then work on a month-long schedule for running.

I feel amazing today, completely energized! The sun is out and I am getting ready for a 10km run with John. Adjusting to the OMAD lifestyle is ongoing and my eating window has been shifting...  I hope to have it ultimately land somewhere around 3pm - 5pm. This allows for "socializing".

Its a great day out there!!! I need some Vitamin D...

Three things I am thankful for: my laptop, my Craft running pants, and loving a man that is handy, that loves me, and loves being handy! ...  ;)

Peace, Plants, Namaste!

Thursday, 5 April 2018


Yesterday was the day! 

Maddie brought me a Scoby baby to class. Her mom has a Scoby hotel and graciously offered to donate a baby to me! 

I brought this large jar of strained tea and sugar and placed it beside me in business math class. Somehow I managed to surprise a class that really shouldn't be surprised by me anymore... lol

I was asked if it was a "cleanse" I was participating in. I explained it was for my Scoby baby and I smiled at Maddie. During break-time, Maddie brought a glass jar with the folded baby Scoby in it over to where I was. I excitedly lifted the large jelly disc of bacteria and placed it into my large tea jar and I place the cover back on it. 

No one could believe their eyes. They were completely grossed out and asked if I intended on eating it. I tried to explain how the scoby makes a fermented liquid that is similar to pop. I further explained how amazing kombucha is, you can flavour it, and how healthy it is!!!

No one was buying my story.

When I left class, I took my baby out to the car and buckled her in! Safe and sound.

And now I wait... which is the hardest part.

Peace, Plants, and Kombucha!!!

Three things I am grateful for are: friends who give away Scoby's, a car that works amazingly well, and YouTubers that have donated their time to educate others on the health benefits and the how to... of Kombucha.


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A better way to eat.

Today was a complete fail as far as eating, so tomorrow I will be kicking it into high gear and resorting to the OMAD.

OMAD is One. Meal. A. Day.

And for those of you that have never heard of it before, there are a ton of YouTube videos you can watch. The videos explain the benefits much better than I ever can.

In short:

  • intestinal issues will get better
  • more energy
  • better immune system
  • save money
  • lose weight
  • more time
  • mindful eating

All I know is that when I did this before, it was a huge load off my mind and I had alot more energy than I do now. My run today was horrible. HORRIBLE.

I need to drop weight before May. In May I start speed training.

I was going to start keeping track of my eating on Cronometer, so that will start tomorrow...

Three things I am thankful for:

My new red glasses:

My new RichRoll glasses:

and my sunnto watch... i love it....

Monday, 2 April 2018

It's been a week since I left Facebook...

I don't miss it. Not. At. All.

I scroll Instagram and I watch videos on YouTube. Today was one of those rare days when my Aunt saw me at Walmart and (not realizing I left Facebook) said she enjoys seeing what I am doing with my life.

Ughhhh. I smiled and told her how great she looked (she looked quite fabulous)... but I never told her I wasn't on Facebook anymore.  Maybe there is a part of me that thinks I may still go back, someday?... but probably not.

It was such a huge time-suck and I have so much to do. Am I more productive? I'd like to think so.

I have left Facebook more than 4 times in the last 3 years. All because I felt i was getting sucked into a soul-sucking wormhole of pointless scrolling...

Did recent events help me to leave again? Nope. Not at all... I actually left because I have goals I want to achieve and mindlessly scrolling Facebook wasn't helping me to achieve those goals...



I am gonna rock my April goals!!! Gonna lose 20 pounds and continue some amazing CEO habits... going to bed right now and getting 8hrs sleep.

Today I was thankful for: seeing my Aunt, putting my cat outside and having her come back, and having a boyfriend that likes to clean almost as much as I do.


Sunday, 1 April 2018

The CEO Challenge Begins Today!!!

I recently came across a BuzzFeed video about the habits of CEO's in the Mornings and at Night. I loved it! I sent the video to friends and watched it over and over. I really wanted to try it myself.

Today I decided to get a jump on the CEO wagon and attempt the following Habits:

Mornings Habits:
  • get up at 4- 4:30am
  • dress in the same style of clothing everyday
  • meditate
  • write down what I want to accomplish in the day
  • exercise and stretch for 1 hr

Night Habits:
  • finish chores from 7pm-9pm 
  • pajamas
  • dim the lights
  • charge the phone in another room
  • read a book, no screens
  • write down what I am thankful for

I am so excited to finally do this and YouTube my experience! It's now 8:30pm and I need to shower and put my pajamas on and start to read a book.

Three things I am thankful for are : my amazing encouraging boyfriend, the creative ability to blog, and clean water.

Run Wild, Eat Plants, Namaste.

Time to hit the gym....

Now that I know what my job will be this summer, I have decided to join the YMCA again. I will be getting a student membership tomorro...